plug in to the minds of your customers.

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What Customers Are Saying

"LuPoll has given us direct and real-time access to customer feedback. We can easily update live surveys, view comprehensive analytics, and get real-time alerts of certain responses. LuPoll combines ease-of-use, immediacy, and actionable feedback in a way that far exceeds any of the conventional survey or mystery shopper systems available today."

Display your tablet and let customers tap a response in less than a second.
Less than 1% of people will complete standard feedback surveys
50% to 60% will tap LuPoll!

Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

Customers can choose to interact with your tablet based survey - tap their response to your questions without having to start or stop a boring survey!



Filter by date, time of day, location, survey, or and much more. You can even compare your results with others within your industry for optimum analyltical insight.

Get Notified


Receive alert notifications and get real-time insight into your organization. Keep tabs on your business and and plug directly into the minds of your customers!

Increase Revenue


If you retain or gain a single customer with LuPoll, you will have paid for LuPoll for more than year! You'll make your money back before you can say "70% response rates."

LuPoll...for your website too!

The survey to the right isn't an image, it actually WORKS. See how easy it is to gather data from people on your site ...without annoying them!

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