Add Your Questions

1. Create A Survey

Add questions to your survey from your administrative dashboard.

Launch Your Survey

2. Launch Your Survey

Launch your survey on a tablet, in your website, or send via email.

Access Analytics

3. View Analytics

View your analytics, compare to your industry, get real-time alerts, and more!

Saving or gaining a single customer will more than pay LuPoll's annual cost!

Collect Real-Time Feedback

Customers can choose to interact with your web or tablet-based survey in less than a second by tapping their response to one or more questions. They'll never have to start or stop a boring survey!

Response Rates Will Skyrocket Past 50%!

With LuPoll's unique one-second surveys, you won't just hear from the "noisiest 1%" of your customers or prospects as you might with other survey solutions, but from a representative 50% to 60% or even more. Whether you're hosting an event, running a highly-trafficked storefront or website, or surveying diners about your menu, LuPoll will get you the information you need and a lot more of it than any other tool on the market!

Get Alerted of Certain Responses

Set notifications to receive alerts when certain answers are frequently tapped. This gives you real-time insight into your organization and plugs you directly into the minds of your customers!

Advanced Analytics and Comparisons

With LuPoll, you can filter responses to compare them with other locations you own, your company's average, or even with your industry as a whole! You can view comparative bar graphs as well as a summary of how your responses have performed over time. LuPoll makes it easy to identify trends that could be costing you customers and ultimately revenue. If you save or add just one customer with LuPoll, you've funded it for the entire year.

Compare With Others In Your Industry

If 50% of people think your storefront is providing "excellent" service, is that good? How many people should like a speaker's content or your website interface? You may not know off the top of your head, but when using LuPoll's comparison tool, you can see what others within your same industry are finding and use that data to compare your own responses. This will let you know beyond a doubt how you are performing and guide you towards competitive advantage.